Gallery of Readers

Thank you so much for all the kind comments I am receiving about the books. If you have a picture of yourself, or someone you know, reading any of my books, I’d love you to send me a picture to go in the gallery. It doesn’t matter where you are, it’ll be interesting to see who is reading it and where it is being read. I’ve already received my first one-in a hammock! looks very cosy…

Another five lovely young readers… from all over Britain and the world- the readers are in Arizona (U.S.), West Yorkshire (U.K), Bristol (U.K.) and Hertfordshire (U.K) (not necessarily in the order they appear).

This is a drawing by Laila (aged 11) which was inspired by reading ‘A Tree in Time

Doesn’t have to be the hard copy- ebooks will do as well as paperbacks. Adults seem to like the book as much as children… from West Yorkshire (U.K.), Lancashire (U.K) Washington State (U.S.) and New Zealand

Even a cat showing interest?!

One of my readers in sent this message with the image…”A perfect location to read your book. Got a long lunch break to take the opportunity.”