Stones in Time

By Pam C. Golden

Stones in Time

‘A cleverly plotted ‘time travel’ adventure with a strong cast of young protagonists. Highly recommended!’ The Wishing Shelf



Few understand the unlikely friendship between Jenni, Jonti and his sister Ciara. Sharing a magical secret, they escape to the ancient past, where stone and earth are held sacred. With danger lurking, Jenni must find ways to protect her friends. Who are the sinister strangers and what is the mysterious blue mist?

Third in the Tree Spirits in Time series, Stones in Time imagines the dawn of the Bronze Age, full of intrigue, adventure and magic.


“A wonderful blend of fantasy and fact” Jane Clack author




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As the pandemic abates and Jenni wrestles with her conflicted feelings about her mum’s new relationship, she is irrevocably drawn to her old friend the Spirit of the Tree and an urge to return to the past. Together with her friends, Jonti and Ciara, Jenni travels back in time where she befriends a clan who welcome them into their iri. But the way of life presents them with a steep learning curve and the children must embark on a testing adventure fraught with danger and mystery. Who is Wysdulia? Why is Ebrar so nasty? What is the significance of the stones? And what has happened to Jenni’s loyal friends from the past? Stone In Time is Pam Golden’s third mystical, magical time slip story which cleverly and sensitively interweaves geological evidence and archaeological research to recreate everyday life in Neolithic Britain. It is a wonderful blend of fantasy and fact. I look forward to reading the next in the series.

Jane Clack

Even today, when I'm forty years old, I still enjoy a good middle grade adventure novel. In many ways, it harks back to the time when I enjoyed Enid Blyton's Secret Seven books; they were a fantastic way of escaping the bullying going on in my school. So I happily settled down with Stones in Time - although, thankfully, this time I wasn't doing it to keep away from the school bully! And, I must say, it's a very enjoyable story. It’s the third book of the set, and follows Jenni who, this time, ends up in Neolithic England at the site of Stonehenge. Jenni, along with two other children, end up exploring an almost unknown time in history where they get to meet the villagers, celebrate Midwinter, and try to solve a mystery or two – who are the pale-faced strangers and what is the significance of the mist? There were a number of elements to this novel which I particularly enjoyed. Firstly, there's a lot of history in here which I think 9 - 12 year olds will find interesting. Secondly, although the historical setting is interesting, the author keeps it where it should be – in the background, cleverly keeping the focus on the plot and the development of her three protagonists. Thirdly, it’s never boring! And that’s SO important when writing for children. So, if you happen to be on the hunt for a cleverly plotted, time travelling adventure for, say, a 11 year old, you can’t go too wrong with Stones in Time. But keep in mind it’s the third book in the Tree Spirits in Time set so, although you could read this as a standalone, why not check out A Tree in Time and Mist in Time first? I suspect they are just as good!

Wishing Shelf Book Awards

Stones in Time is the third book of this series that I have read and I found it as enjoyable, informative and exciting as the others. It is well-written and researched - and introduced us to another era in our history. It was fascinating to find out how they lived in those times, the day to day details bring it all to life. Jenni travels to yet another, prehistoric age, this time one that is giving way to another way of life. There are exciting adventures, good friends, enemies, mysterious strangers and mystical creatures along the way. Trees are very much present as always but this time Stone Circles come to the fore as they host some unforgettable and emotional celebrations. A wonderful book which reminds us of our connections to the natural world around us and how we should reconnect in our present time. There is an inspiring message here for younger people but older people too should read this book -and the series- to remind us of what is important in this world.

Amazon review by S. Roberts

This gentle story probes into the most pressing issue of our century—the destruction of the earth's resources—and does it through a beautifully written story of time travel and things beyond our scientific understanding. The prose glows, and reading the novel is a calming and enriching experience for adults, young adults, and children alike. I recommend you read Pam Golden's imaginative vision of how Stonehenge and ancient tribes thrived. Much research has gone into the writing of this shining book.

Amazon review by UnrulyJooley

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About the author:

A happy childhood full of love and books led Pam Golden to study teaching. Once she had finished her education, she found her wings and flew. After many adventures around the world, she finally met her husband and they settled down in Yorkshire, where their son was born. Her philosophy is simple; that love, in the broadest meaning of the word, is the answer. She believes that everything in life happens for a reason. “Someone once asked me to think of the worst thing that happened to me in my life. I instantly thought of something and then paused. Actually, I responded, it was the very best thing that happened to me. It triggered a whole series of events that have led me to the point where I am today.” Pam has always had a vivid imagination and started writing her first children’s book when she was nine years old. She never finished it but has finally realised her dream in the completion of this first novel many years later.