To be Human is an Honour

By Pam C. Golden

Book cover of To Be Human is an Honour by Pam Golden

To be Human is an Honour

An energising glimpse of a young woman’s life through a wide variety of experiences; starting in 1978, she sweeps you up and carries you with her.                 (for adults)

Sharing her emotions, her understanding of the world and her spirituality, she travels both physically and metaphorically around the globe. With her sympathetic approach to the people she meets, combined with humour, sadness, wisdom, love and occasionally bizarre happenings; you will become drawn into her world of trust and belief that everything happens for a reason, helping to create a beautiful pattern of life.


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Adult Reviews

A joy to read, not only is it filled with adventure, humour, sadness and hope; it is full of inspiration and an insight into other worlds and cultures. Since reading it I have kept talking about it to other people, as ideas and stories keep popping back into my head-which is the sign of a good book. I enjoyed every minute and would highly recommend it.

Bev Davies (artist)

Everyone has their unique spiritual path and this is the story of Pam Golden's and written in a way which pulls the reader in with many an 'Aha!' moment for those who are following their own path. Deciding to follow your own truth can be a lonely business, especially if you are surrounded by people who are on a different wavelength to you. This is Pam's story of how her life has unfolded so far, the extraordinary people/teachers she has met along the way and her views on spirituality and what it all means to her. This book has a 'feel good' flavour to it but also has some important messages which we would all do well to ponder on. What I particularly liked is Pam's respect for indigenous people, particularly the Hopi. Amongst other things she champions their right to their lands and tells of incidents which have not been as widely publicised as they ought to have been. A thoroughly enticing memoir which I read in one sitting and wished there was more of.

Bodicia (Amazon customer)

Very well written book about the author's travels and her interest in the Indian Communities. Pam's personality, warmth and her spirituality, totally shines out in her writing. This makes her gather very good friends along her journeys, who she would keep in touch with and go back to visit them years later with someone special. A very interesting read with many laughs! She says most of her friends think she is "Bonkers" After reading this book I think their opinions might have changed! A lovely woman who just loves life.

Barb (Amazon customer)

Well thank you Pam,what a wonderfully rounded and inspirational life you have led and this comes across so beautifully in your book. You have reminded me that I need to contact my guides more frequently as sometimes life can be so hectic one forgets to take time out to touch base. Your common sense and honest approach to writing this book is truly refreshing, anyone feeling slightly out of kilter, READ THIS BOOK.

Lin (Amazon customer)

Simple, straight forward, not sophisticated or trying to be clever; just the story of one lady's fascinating journey through life and her development as a person, as she uncovered her own spirituality. Whether you share her beliefs or not, we can all learn a lot from her life philosophies. Thank you for writing this book Pam.

Amazon customer

This is such a fascinating book, a really honest insight into a woman's journey through the physical and spiritual world. I was interested to read Pam's experiences of travelling in far flung places, the richness of her descriptions bringing to life the people she met there and the landscapes she explored. Told with humour, in a unpretentious manner, sometimes sad, always uplifting. As her life unfolds she shares with us stories of the people and experiences that influenced her and put her on the path to her spiritual development. Evolving into a way of life and an ethos of Love and hope overcoming negativity. Thank you Pam. I look forward to your next book.

Dragonfly (Amazon customer)

A fascinating and very personal account of the author's life and beliefs. At times serious, at other times highly entertaining, it makes you question your own view of the world, both physical and spiritual. The author shows great empathy for the people she meets and has a sympathetic understanding of different cultures.

Jill ( Amazon customer)

This has been a very interesting book. I have known Pam for a very long time. Whilst not sharing Pam's views on spirituality I have always admired her integrity and commitment to live according to her beliefs, principles and ideals. I remember hearing anecdotes about Pam's experiences when she first went to America. They were very interesting then, but the detailed account in the book has made rich and rewarding reading. The places Pam has been to, the people she has met and the ideas and cultures she has embraced have left me thinking and wondering. This was a courageous and at times risky (in my eyes at least) trip. As a traveller and person Pam has beaten out an original path that she has explored in depth.

Will S. (Amazon customer)

To Be Human is an Honour by Pam C Golden is an unusual memoir of a young lady’s travel around the globe. Learning from the different cultures of the very different people that she meets, her experiences inspire her to grow and change in ways she didn’t think were possible over the decades that it takes her to chart her travels. Written very much from the heart, we feel the highs and lows with her, and for those of us who don’t get to travel like Pam has, we can sense what she has, ‘see’ what she has enjoyed and also draw inspiration from the happenings Pam was involved in. Although labelled a ‘spiritual’ journey, it is not presented in the same way as others of the genre, making it far more enjoyable. I’m very much a believer in Fate, and that everything happens for a reason, and it seems Pam is also of this mindset. Highly entertaining read, no noticeable errors to ruin the flow of the book, and with a steady pace throughout, it is a book that I give 5 stars.

Yvonne Marrs (Reviewer for The Book Dragon)

portrait of pam golden

About the author:

A happy childhood full of love and books led Pam Golden to study teaching. Once she had finished her education, she found her wings and flew. After many adventures around the world, she finally met her husband and they settled down in Yorkshire, where their son was born. Her philosophy is simple; that love, in the broadest meaning of the word, is the answer. She believes that everything in life happens for a reason. “Someone once asked me to think of the worst thing that happened to me in my life. I instantly thought of something and then paused. Actually, I responded, it was the very best thing that happened to me. It triggered a whole series of events that have led me to the point where I am today.” Pam has always had a vivid imagination and started writing her first children’s book when she was nine years old. She never finished it but has finally realised her dream in the completion of this first novel many years later.