For many years western society have taken trees for-granted. In recent years trees have been ignored to the point where people have even forgotten how useful they are. However a turn-around is happening. The plastic revolution is on the wane, the vital role that trees play in combatting climate change is finally being acknowledged and the value of forests for people’s mental health and well-being are all contributing to a changing attitude.

These pages are a selection of articles about the importance and value of these beautiful beings. There is also information about individual trees and their uses collected from old ways and practices that have partially gone from the western mind.

Indigenous peoples have always recognised there is a lot more to trees than their usefulness to humanity. Luckily for us, their wisdom has survived and it can also help us to remember.

Elderberry syrup

According to Mrs. Grieve in ‘A Modern Herbal’ (which is my bible when it comes

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Silver Birch

Uses Can thrive in any soil, used as a nurse tree to fix nitrogen into

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Witch Hazel

Strictly not a tree but a large shrub, Witch Hazel flowers early, bringing a show

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Hawthorn tree

Uses The wood when reaching a decent size was used for small wooden items. The

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Rowan tree

Uses A very tough wood, rowan has been used for many objects over the centuries

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Ten good reasons to protect, plant and look after trees.

1. Trees are the natural, cheapest and best solution to climate change. 2. They absorb

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Trees and their benefits

In the 1920s an amazing lady called Mrs. M Grieve was aware of this dying

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Interesting articles about trees

Diana Beresford-Kroeger is a very well known botanist, medical bio-chemist and author. Originally from an

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Scots Pine tree

Uses  Its resin used for sealing wax and for rubbing on the bows of violins.

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Oak tree

Uses The oak tree has been highly valued for many centuries. due to its many

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Lime Tree

Uses Flowers are dried and used to make “Linden tea. ”Honey from the flowers is

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Uses Nuts are edible . Wood  is coppiced and used for making baskets, charcoal and

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