A Tree in Time

By Pam C. Golden

A Tree in Time

Jenni is an ordinary girl to whom extraordinary things happen. Through a magical twist she travels through Time.

Life with the Mesolithic hunter gatherers is vibrant, rich and certainly nothing like her history lessons. Initially, Jenni is very happy. She thrives, as her first true friends share their incredible ways of living with the forest. Not everyone is welcoming though and it isn’t long before Jenni finds herself in a very difficult situation. Will she survive? Can she ever return to her future? And what is her peculiar connection with Druantia, the wise Elder?

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Children's Reviews

“My biggest benefit was learning that your imagination is what leads your life and you should never ignore your ideas because they are crucial. If Pam Golden didn't think of these tremendously imaginative thoughts, I don't think I'd be that interested! When I first started reading the book, I thought, "Well, this is just a normal start to a book, but as the story carried on, there was a burst of ideas; all the tribes, rules, characteristics, etc. Hopefully, I will be able to get a copy of this book once it is published because I have never been so mesmerised by a book before!'

Lola aged 11

“I really, really, really enjoyed this book and I can picture the Living and all the characters and animals. I wanted to see it for myself. I really liked the storyteller because I liked how there was a story within a story. I liked the idea of it. I found it really interesting because it is based on the past and something real and I liked the descriptions of the settings and the characters.” The book has helped me to understand how to respect nature and if you take something from nature then you should give something back and respect it for giving it to you. It also helped me to understand other people and how we are all different but we should get treated in the same way. “It is a good book for people my age because it has lots of brilliant descriptive writing, which makes me able to picture the characters and settings. I liked seeing a different world and a different way of life and there was a moral too; it that tells us if we live like the people in the Living, we can live a better life with each other. Near the end of the book it says something like; we can live a life not sharing and being greedy and live a long life, but be miserable or we can live a life sharing and have friends and live a happy life.”

Robin aged 10

“All of it is amazing, cool and fun. Love it, Great, Awesome, Lovely, Best Ever.” “I liked the bit describing the description of the path. I also liked the kind of magic weave through it.” RB

James aged 9

“I loved all of it and can’t choose a favourite part. I like it all.”

Ruby aged 9

“I like the powerful descriptions that add more drama.”

Josh aged 9

“I like the bit where Jenni was in the forest best.”

Margot aged 9

“I liked the bit describing the description of the path. I also liked the kind of magic weave through it.”

Roob aged 10

How the love is spread around in Middle Earth is fantastic; the singing too, how all of The Living connect is beautiful. Altogether, the story is about resilience, acceptance, kindness, caring for the environment. But most importantly, family. The fact Jenni still feels tied to her mother, even from a hundred years away is stunning. Thank you so much for letting us read your amazing book: it blew me away!

Jago aged 13

Adult Reviews

“I found this impossible to put down and I was totally absorbed from the first page onwards. The main character, Jenni is easy to identify with and I liked the fact that she was unspoilt by modern technology; a rarity in this day and age. So many children have no idea how to tell an oak tree from a beech tree! While it is clear that Jenni doesn't always appreciate having acquired a love of nature, it proves to be invaluable to her later on in the story. There is a big contrast between our modern times and the lives of people in the Living in this book, where peace and quiet prevail and Jenni is glad to escape from the noise and turmoil of the future, especially when she makes true friends for the first real time in her life. In the Living humans and animals co-exist and help each other and Jenni learns to have respect for plants and creatures. There is a very strong message here for our modern day children. The book is geared at a good pace for readers of approximately 9 years old and upwards and the historical aspect is very interesting and obviously well-researched. I was left wanting to read more books by Pam Golden.”

Jo Remington (music teacher)

“I recommend this book for anyone, aged from 8 to 20 years old because the detail and description is very exquisite. Not only will you find this book amazing to read, but it will make you realize how important it is to do what you love. There is a lot of information in this book and the fantasy of the book is like no other. Kids will really benefit from this book!” I loved the fact that there were so many positive messages and aspects of the book, dealing with difficult relationships, negative feelings and bad things, which can happen in children's lives and the respect for all living creatures and unconditional love that is depicted. As a parent, it is important to feel that my children are exposed to positive messages, which deal with difficult issues. I especially liked the way the book forced the reader into examining a Western lifestyle, which we take for granted. It makes children think about concepts such as, money and technology and opens up lots of opportunities for discussing these. I will definitely recommend your book. It is a great story and it deals with some difficult issues that children can experience in a very positive way and enables children to examine our present way of life from a different perspective; encouraging children to examine and question 'Western' values and elements of our 'advanced ' society that we take for granted. There are lots of opportunities to discuss ethical issues, ranging from how we treat bullies to how and if we should use animals. This is all depicted in a fantastically descriptive, unique setting and utilises many fascinating and unusual experiences. A great yarn!”

Mel Scott (mother)

“A memorable story and I have recommended your book to other people to read already, as soon as it is published. It is a story all children will gain benefits from reading, it will enhance their emotional intelligence, in learning how we must respect and love our environment and that the world is miraculous and beautiful. Also, that people need love to flourish and that violence does not serve us. This story has a very visual quality and will make a great film.” This book stirred and warmed my heart. I am still feeling the feelings and dwelling on the life lessons your book has brought to me. A positive story on many levels, bringing together a sense of the truth of a loving way of being together in community.”

Rachel Lowe (homeopath)

"This beautifully told book swept away my fondly held preconceptions of what life was like in this largely ignored time period. With clever use of snippets of old legend and ancient ways, archaeological facts and a liberal sprinkle of a marvellous imagination, an amazing tapestry of a tale has been woven. A wonderful story told through the experiences of a girl from our own time who 'somehow' travels back to an earlier place, where everything is very strange to her. Torn between missing her family and amazement at her discovery of a people living a fascinating, but very different way of life than the one she is used to. Jenni has to find her way and survive in this world where little is familiar. This very absorbing tale goes on to tell us about all the challenges she has to face and the many adventures that come her way. As a reader you get to see how these events help her to adapt and fit in with the people who take her in. As her journey progresses, Jenni learns from the Elders and her new friends - who help to shape her and grow as a person. This is never more evident than when she's taught new powers that change her life and the way she thinks forever. This is a thoroughly enjoyable book. Filled with spiritual and heart-warming moments, its essence is of hope and love, which ultimately links the past with the present in a very satisfying conclusion. A book for everyone to enjoy and gain from; full of love and compassion, with just the right balance of adventure and peril. Next book please... "

Sandra Mcleod , (retired Children’s Residential Social Worker)

If you're looking for something other than wizards, dragons and teenage angst in your teenage fiction I highly recommend giving "A Tree in Time" a go. This is Pam Golden's first published work of fiction and it's concept is (as far as I'm aware) unique. Jenni, brought up by her mother to appreciate nature and the earth, rather than the technological trappings of the 21st century, is transported back to a time when nature and the earth was all there was. A fascinating journey into the lives of the Mesolithic people, you are taken on an exploration of a time when humans lived by hunting and gathering and worshipped the earth and nature for what it provided. The story about Jenni and how she learned and grew in her time with these people is good but, personally, I enjoyed the vivid descriptions of the houses, the settlement, the way of life the people and their relationship with the world around them. Pam has obviously done a lot of research for this book and brings it to life superbly.

Hazel Bregazzi (editor Scallymag)

We are taken back to a softer and more gentle world where nature is respected and ancient crafts taught. The modern heroine is at first startled and dubious but gradually learns to love her new friends and environment. I'm not going to give any spoilers, but although this is aimed at younger people, as an adult, I found it very enjoyable. Beautiful descriptions and well-crafted emotions. Thank you for the hard work.

Liz Martinson (author)

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to read your book. It is such a lovely story. I really enjoyed it. It is a beautiful way of teaching tolerance and appreciating nature. I would recommend anyone to read ‘A Tree in Time.’


I really enjoyed ‘A Tree in Time’ and finished it in four days (reading before bed) which is amazing for me at the moment as I find it really difficult to concentrate on reading for leisure after a day of translating. I was completely hooked. And now I need you to write a sequel so that I can find out if Jenni sees Druantia and her friends from the forest ever again! It’s honestly such a wonderful, magical story. Just full of warmth, and the most beautiful vivid imagery. I loved the way the concept of shape and colour was used to express her emotions; as a reader it made her experiences so tangible. Even though it’s a “children’s book”, I really felt it got to the core of what it means to be a human at any age: our need for a sense of belonging and acceptance; our fear of the unknown; and our mixed up relationship with the spiritual and natural worlds. The style reminded me a little of ‘The Secret World of Polly Flint’ by Helen Cresswell, which I have fond memories of reading as a child. Anyway, I could go on about it for hours but I just loved it.

Lauren Reed

portrait of pam golden

About the author:

A happy childhood full of love and books led Pam Golden to study teaching. Once she had finished her education, she found her wings and flew. After many adventures around the world, she finally met her husband and they settled down in Yorkshire, where their son was born. Her philosophy is simple; that love, in the broadest meaning of the word, is the answer. She believes that everything in life happens for a reason. “Someone once asked me to think of the worst thing that happened to me in my life. I instantly thought of something and then paused. Actually, I responded, it was the very best thing that happened to me. It triggered a whole series of events that have led me to the point where I am today.” Pam has always had a vivid imagination and started writing her first children’s book when she was nine years old. She never finished it but has finally realised her dream in the completion of this first novel many years later.