We are living in amazing times

We are living in amazing times and I have great hope for the future. It will be great!

I know, I can hear you,

”She’s off her rocker!”

 “Has she not seen the news recently?”

 “Which planet is she on?”

No I am not off my rocker, yes I have been listening to the news and yes I too share this beautiful planet that we all love. 

We are going through a birth process, the birth of a new way of looking at the world, of living in our planet and of potentially becoming a more highly evolved species.

Have you not heard in between the news, what is occurring? People are coming together. They are coming together on all sorts of levels and platforms and I find it inspiring and wonderful. Generally humans tend not to act for change unless something is threatened. We are all facing the biggest threat of all-the extinction of our species, as well as that of many other species, and there is nothing like an immediate threat to galvanise action. 

It’s happening on all sorts of levels. From the big publicity, the big demonstrations, the fabulous youth movements led by inspirational youth like Greta Thunberg and Autumn Peltier, the film and documentary makers ( like those who made Blue Planet), the big ongoing environmental campaigners  (such as Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, the Tree Sisters, The Rain Forest Alliance), down to the masses of local ordinary everyday people cleaning up their rivers, beaches, towns, recycling, reusing, planting . So many people are all coming together to work for the good of our planet.

 I was very heartened to hear it is reaching every aspect of our lives. Even the fashion industry is spear heading a movement to work together instead of against each other. Young and innovative fashion designers are sharing ideas that work for the planet, rather than jealously guarding them in their separate houses. And yes, even politics are being hit by the revolution to work together. The movement More United based on Jo Cox’s maiden speech is encouraging cross Party alliances to link MPs who share the same values, trying to go beyond the divisive nature of separate and antagonist Parties.

I have massive hope for the future. I know it won’t be easy, no birth ever is. The old dinosaurs won’t give in easily as they try and cling to the old ways “just because”. But we, the people have our own power. We are waking up to the fact that we can’t and won’t be told what is good or not good for us any more. Like a massive tanker at sea, we may be slow to turn but once we start there is no stopping us. Keep working for what you believe in,  do what you can in whatever way you can- believe me you are making a difference.

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