Beauty within

At a friend’s party last weekend, the topic of Caroline Flack and Love Island came up.  After decrying the trolls and media circus, we went on to discuss how so many young women all look the same because the make-up they all wear is identical. It’s like an expected look.  I’ve never seen Love Island, but one friend said how beautiful all the girls were when they took off their makeup at night and how much better they looked without it on.

That set me to musing on why people feel it necessary to cover up their beauty. I remember as a teenager looking at other girls and wondering how they were so popular. They weren’t always the most beautiful but they all had a certain presence, an energy and a level of confidence that drew others to them.

My wise mum always told me that it wasn’t what was on the outside that mattered, it was what was on the inside. That is so true.  One friend had very unfashionable features but she was so kind, full of fun and caring that you never saw the face a stranger might see; everyone loved her for who she was.

I feel it is very sad that in the society we have created, the importance of image overrides the true person underneath. One advantage of getting older is that people start to see the real you and you tend to have more confidence to show it. Looks don’t matter in the same way but the beauty of the person within shines out more and more.

Photo by Carles Rabada on Unsplash

Every soul is beautiful. I truly believe that. Even the most depraved, horrid people have a soul (sometimes very deeply hidden) that is pure and beautiful. We each owe ourselves and the planet, the ability to allow that beauty to be acknowledged, nurtured and seen. Imagine what the earth would be like, if we enabled that to happen.

Vince Fleming on Unsplash

Everyone will have a different way to get there. Some might find it through religion, others through meditation or prayer, others through physical exercise, self-development courses.. the list is endless. Whatever ticks your box, as they say. The important thing is to start and one step at a time will get us there.

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