Taking time to see the Beauty

This week, my husband heard a programme on the radio about how many people do not hear and see nature any more. Apparently 75% of the population are in this group.  This really shocked me. I live to hear the birds, watch the buds forming on the trees in Spring, the leaves rustling in the breeze in Summer, glorify in the vibrancy of Autumn colours and the lacework beauty of a tree’s skeleton in Winter.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to live apart from the natural world. Even in London, I would drive passed as many parks as possible on my way to work, as it was the only way I could cope with living in a city.

I am very lucky in my husband and friends, in that they remind me to look at the detail and appreciate the small treasures around us. When I do so, I find these pure receptacles of perfection have the power to lift me out of myself.

It is so easy to ignore, but so easy to see as well. My husband showed me a beautiful picture the other day, then I realised it was a photo he’d taken on his new phone (yes, he’s finally joined the 21st century!) of moss on the neighbour’s roof. We walk passed it every day, but it is so entrancing when looked at in detail. My poor imitation of his photo is below to give an idea of what I’m trying to say.

Life is so fast. I’m trying to take the time to slow down and look at what is around me. There is so much beauty around us, wherever we live. Nature seems to find a way of showing herself, even in the most intensely built up environments… all we have to do is stop a moment, look and listen.

Try it if you like and see how much beauty you can find around you today.

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