Collective thought pattern

Last night I went outside to clap for the NHS workers and it was lovely to hear all the cheers and clapping echo up and down the valley. My neighbours, who work for the NHS, were grinning and I’m sure it lifted their spirits. As ever, it always feels good to be part of something positive and I’m sure it helps the people who take part as much as the people who receive it. The comment from one of my neighbours (safely far away) was, ‘Well everyone is playing their part in whatever way they can,’ which is so true. There are very many groups of workers, as well as the NHS, out there, stressed, working hard and helping people in whatever way possible.

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Action is very important but Thought is just as powerful in its own way. I know from talking to older friends and relatives that they feel very frustrated at not being able to help others in the ways they normally do. Grandparents who want to help but are unable to do so. Older people who do lots of caring in their community, stopped from it. However, there is something even the people who can’t go out can do. The power of collective thought can be so beneficial.

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In many Facebook and Instagram posts this week, the same message has kept coming through; Love.

This beautiful request sums it all up:

“I am asking you all to take a couple of moments each day to close your eyes, to focus on your heart, to imagine someone you love so much and the feeling that you feel when you notice this feeling of love for this person in your thoughts.

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I ask you to then share this feeling of love you are experiencing (love energy) by imagining you are sending it from your heart out into all parts of the world in one swoop.

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Just set the intention in your mind to share the feeling of love with the whole world. If we all do this over and over, even just for one moment, we can have a real collective energetic effect on the fear energy and grey energy that is covering our planet right now, we CAN help.

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Energy and the collective mind is real, if you choose to do it in prayer form , this too is wonderful. It doesn’t matter how you do it but that you do and that you send love and gratitude and not fear.

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Fear attracts fear and negativity to you. Do not get caught up or stuck in fear energy.

(Written by and repost from @lightworkenergyhealer)

Last week, I wrote the title (which my husband suggested) for this week’s blog. I made a note and promptly forgot it, so much else is happening on a daily basis. During the week my friend sent me the above post which I felt I needed to include. When I came back to look at the proposed title and type up the post, I felt a shiver of synchronicity. They are both on the same theme.  They also tie in with something I did two weeks ago, before the lockdown.

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During a meditation, I asked what I could do to help with the C-19 virus outbreak. In my meditation I was guided to a cave on a mountainside. From there, I looked down and saw a plain stretching away into the distance. The whole plain was full of a dark red cloud of fear. As I looked down, I visualised a beam of light shining into the mucky red.

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As I did so, others joined in, till more and more beams illuminated it, both from above and below. The fear energy didn’t stand a chance and was soon completely cleared, with the pure light of love replacing it over the whole plain. It was a powerful image for me and stressed to me that no person alone can do this- we all need to combine together with our collective thought.

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So for those who are stuck at home, wanting to help but not knowing how-this is how. Do it whatever way you feel most comfortable-through prayer, through meditation, through thought…it doesn’t matter as long as the intention is there. Love is the key to see us all through this. With much heartfelt love to you all, to every being and to our beautiful planet; have a good week.

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