‘The meek shall inherit the earth.’

Although I don’t subscribe to any particular religion, being raised in a Christian household, the first phrase that pops into my head can sometimes be a biblical one. This phrase has been resounding round my brain all week.

The week seems to have been full of inspirational people; ordinary everyday people, not celebrities, showing extraordinary compassion, fortitude, love and care for others. I am thrilled that the media is finally acknowledging them.

Captain Tom Moore

Top of the bunch must inevitably be the delightful Captain Tom Moore, the 99 year old veteran who has raised £15 million in a week for the NHS by walking round and round his garden. He has inspired so many people and set the example that no matter how old and incapacitated, one can still do something amazingly brilliant.

Photo by Jay Clark on Unsplash

There are many other people who are equally as inspiring doing their bit in their own way; local people in every area helping to deliver food from local shops and markets, teachers around the world making food deliveries to their vulnerable pupils, the bin men continuing their very necessary jobs as well as all the delivery drivers, shop workers, police, firefighters, care workers and support staff, all maintaining the running of essential services, not to mention everyone in the NHS of course. 

Photo by Tugce Gungormezler on Unsplash

There have been some lovely stories this week of the positive effects of the lockdown. A delightful article I came across was about a young girl who stated the South of England was becoming Northern. What she meant was that people are talking to each other, the sense of community is growing and the kindly friendliness that is natural to northerners is spreading among the streets of London as well.  It’s a lovely article and well worth a read- click on the link below the image.

Covid-19 is really bringing out people’s true nature. The majority of people seem to be rising to the challenge with so many positive qualities shining out. For those whose nasty side is predominant, it appears to be more transparent and obvious to others. A prime case in point is a certain western leader whose petty toddler tantrums are showing him up more and more as he focusses on personal gripes and blame. Hasn’t he realised the rest of the world is moving on beyond that mentality now? Then there are other world leaders such as the inspirational Jacinda Arden (New Zealand’s P.M.) who is advocating politicians take a 20% pay cut, starting with herself. Interestingly many countries that have dealt with the virus most successfully have women leaders. Read the full article here:

Hopefully we are moving beyond the culture where it it is celebrated to be rich and famous for trivialities and into an era where generosity of spirit and kindness are the cause of fame and glory. Time for the ordinary person performing acts of extraordinary humanity and goodness; which brings us back to Captain Tom Moore. May I wish him a Very Happy Hundredth Birthday for the 30th April 2020! He certainly deserves it.

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