Well I didn’t expect that subject this week! Again what has that got to do with sustainability you may ask? Again when I thought into it, it becomes apparent that it is quite key.

Photo by Ben Duchac on Unsplash

Good communication makes for more harmonious living. That’s pretty obvious I suppose.  Living harmoniously creates more sustainable communities because people are happier, more engaged and willing to make things work.  Covid has certainly taught us the importance of community and how valuable communication is.  There’s nothing like being starved of something to appreciate it.

It is so vital for own our health to express our ‘true’ selves. Most of us don’t do that. We’re so programmed by all sorts of influences to communicate in ways to please others, not hurt people’s feelings, etc. unless of course you are a true Yorkshireman-then you‘ll say what you think no matter what!

The trouble is when we don’t express our true feelings we suppress them, which can lead to the pathway of expression becoming twisted. That  in turn can affect our emotions  and eventually our physical well-being.

Sometimes, when we express who we truly are, it can have surprising results. Long ago I learnt to state my truth and not care if people thought I was bonkers. It led to many people confiding in me-it would usually go like this-‘I’ll tell you, you’ll understand and not think I’m mad.’  Obviously they thought I was weird so  I wouldn’t be bothered by what they told me. Getting rid of my own fear of judgement allowed others to express their own truths which they might have otherwise supressed, so it is a ripple in a pond effect.

The other communication some of us do, is to our Inner selves,  Spirit Guides, Intuition, Higher selves, Allah, God, Angels, whatever you believe in or call it.  This is a whole different ball game! Here it’s not a case of hiding our feelings-there’s nowhere to hide them. This is all about communicating with positive messages. I have been told that when I am asking the Universe for help,  I mustn’t use negatives as ‘they’ don’t get negative words. So if I say ‘please don’t let me have an accident’ all they hear is ‘Let me have an accident,’ and do their best to oblige.  So it has to be phrased like ‘Please keep me safe.’

I also feel it can help with outer world problems.  If you feel strongly (as I do) about local planning laws being taken away and given into the hands of government corporations, as being proposed at present, then we need to change our vision of what we would like to see. So I keep visualising devolved power in the hands of small local communities who are supportive and understanding of people and local needs and circumstances.  The strong message we got in this week’s meditation was to put your intention out there, then let it go, don’t worry about how it’ll work, just let it happen.  So put out your intentions and have a stress free week!

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