A message from the heart

Happy New Year!

I have a strong feeling that 2024 is going to herald many positive changes in the outer world… we desperately need them.

As I head into the new year, I recall a very special experience that happened to me yesterday.

I got up quite late and the weather was dismal; rain, rain,  oh and more rain. Determined not to be daunted by it, I went for a walk. As the fields were sodden, I kept mainly to the roads. From the highest point, I started to descend, looping back. I passed a family making their farewells after their Christmas meet up, then something caught my attention.

Up ahead, a large pair of pale-coloured swooping wings swooped over the fields. I wasn’t close enough to identify the bird and wished with all my heart that I could see it again. As I walked further up the road, it seemed to have disappeared.

Then I caught sight of it, perched on a fence post at the edge of the field. As I stood, trying to work out what it was, it took flight. Outstretched creamy wings glided by on the other side of the drystone wall. So close, I could see the beautiful heart-shaped feathers framing big and soulful eyes. The barn owl stared at me, then with slow and graceful wing movement, disappeared into the trees beyond.

Photo by Bob Brewer on Unsplash

I felt incredibly honoured and thanked the Universe for allowing that to happen. My heart wish had been answered.

Back home, in my cosy dry living room, I settled onto the couch to watch the first video from The Bigheart conference: https://www.heartbond.co.uk/bigheart2023 . I’d come across the conference last autumn and was unable to attend the online event. So I contacted the organisers and the videos have been waiting in my inbox for the right time. https://www.heartbond.co.uk/

Wow! I am rationing them, as there is so much in each one, that I need time to digest and assimilate them in turn.

The first speaker was called Liz Butler and she presented an all round view of the heart, giving me some new insights, a greater depth of understanding of how our amazing life-giving centre works (on many levels) and some incredible quotes. One in particular resonated deeply.

Instantly I thought of the drumbeat, present at every pow-wow. The First Nations have never forgotten this connection and have understood it for longer than we have history. No wonder it always feels so good to be there.  No wonder the dancers down-step is in time with every downbeat on the drum. We have so much to re-learn.

The beauty of the conference is that Peter Granger presents it for the western, scientific mind. The speakers beautifully link science and the metaphysical, with the mind-blowing results! I highly recommend this. It’s a great way to start 2024…

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